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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What does it cost?

    Our fees are derived solely from secured savings - that means you don't have to pay anything until you are already making a saving. In the unlikely event that we can't make a saving for you, there will be no charge.

    How much can we save?

    It very much depends on the starting point, but whether the savings are 5% ,30% or even nothing the client is secure in the knowledge that there is no overcharging, cost and consumption are being monitored and that the price secured is competitive. (The average net savings for our clients in 2013 was 11.4%).

    Changing suppliers is riddled with problems isn't it?

    It would be wrong to suggest that problems in changing suppliers never arise, but it is the responsibility of ESS to manage any changeover.

    Why are my meters read so infrequently nowadays?

    Meter reading is in most cases sub-contracted to a meter reading company and therefore becomes an overhead for the supplier. The legal requirement imposed on suppliers is to take actual readings once every TWO years. By monitoring your billing ESS will ensure that over-estimations are dealt with promptly.

    I have a boiler service contract with my existing supplier. What happens if I then move my supply contract?

    Your service contract will continue irrespective of the supply company.

    Will changing to a supplier other than my host regional electricity company effect my service in the event of network problems?

    Not at all. For every supply contract a regional electricity company loses in its home area it will probably gain another elsewhere in the country. Their obligation to maintain the infrastructure and to respond to emergencies is unaffected by who might be responsible for billing the supply.

    Can I change water suppliers?

    Not unless your site consumes in excess of 50,000m3 per annum. Below this threshold you cannot change water suppliers but there are many ways in which billing can be inappropriate or simply inaccurate. Water may also be wasted somewhere in the system. Where appropriate ESS may survey to establish if savings opportunities exist.

    How do you invoice fees?

    Fees are always billed in arrears generally monthly or quarterly dependent on the value.

    How can you keep a check on my consumption?

    We are normally able to receive copy invoices direct from the supplier. We also have access to any remote metering which may be available.

    Do I have to send you copies of bills?

    Apart from initial set up, copy bills are usually provided by the supplier.

    Will I lose control over my suppliers?

    No. The ESS programme puts information at the disposal of clients so that the decision making process is informed and unhurried. The actual decisions remain with the client, something that is written clearly into our agreement.

    How do you measure a cost saving?

    Simply by asking the question, what would have occurred without our intervention? ESS only generate a fee if they can bring forward a saving or refund that otherwise would not have been identified. These savings or refunds are measured from an agreed "baseline".

    How can you save money on my waste removal?

    The removal of commercial waste is, like the supply of energy, a deregulated free market and as such it is important that pricing is tested regularly for competitiveness. Analysis of the method of removal, as well as the cost, has secured valuable savings for our clients. ESS will survey the site to advise on the best course of action as appropriate.

    How do we take matters further?

    Please click on one of the contact links to send us an e-mail or telephone 01342 835123 for an informal discussion. It is unlikely we have covered all your questions but our experience will almost certainly have covered the vast majority of situations and we look forward to further discussion.
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