Electric cars - who pays?

Volvo have announced that all their cars post 2019 will be petrol or hybrid. For those with a higher budget the same will apply to Maserati. UK gov has announced that the sale of diesel and petrol cars will be banned from 2040. So who will pay for the infrastructure necessary to recharge them in our brave new world? Well Climate Change Levy, a tax paid by all commercial consumers of electricity, is rising from 0.568 p/unit today to 0.847 p/unit in 2019 so the answer is of course, all of us. Still probably a small price to pay for future generations to be able to walk on the panet let alone drive.   


Bright and Breezy renewable Milestone

On Wednesday 7th June the National grid reported that 50.7% of energy demand was being satisfied from renewable sources. Steady wind and sunshine combined to provide excellent conditions for generators. The next big challenge will be for storage capacity to increase to provide a greater degree of flexibility for this growing resource.  


Downtime at Xoserve in last week of May will affect gas registrations

Xoserve is the organisation which manages all the gas metering information and data services and is currently in the process of rolling out a once in a generation IT system upgrade to the central IT gas settlement system. 

 A number of non-effective days are required to facilitate 'cutover' to this new system. These non-effective days will be running from 23 to 31 May 2017. During this time, no communication can take place with Xoserve or the Independent Gas Transporters (iGTs); this is to enable critical activities such as data migration and transition to the new systems to take place.

This non-effective period will impact all processes which interact with Xoserve and the iGTs.

The primary impact to the gas industry is on the change of supplier process – during the non-effective days, shippers will not be able to initiate any registrations.

As we will be unable to flow any communications to Xoserve during this time, other processes which are impacted include:

Updating and removing meter technical details on Xoserve’s system, requesting AQ changes

  • Sending readings or consumption data
  • Updating address data or other site related information



A regulated deregulated industry ?

Vote catching gimmick or not, the plan to cap domestic energy bills seems to fly in the face of competition. Like it or not we have chosen a free market model that provides choice. The real way to save money on energy bills is not to wait for a  safety net to limit an uncompetitive rate, but to actively seek a competitive one. 

Energy suppliers will almost certainly make this a revenue neutral operation, so those who have already shopped around will end up funding the safety net, one way or another.

We do not deal in domestic supplies at ESS but the principal of actively seeking value applies even more so in the commercial sector and we would strongly advise all businesses to exercise their right to shop around.


Water deregulation - the secret launch

Here is a guide to finding out about water deregulation from the government regulator Ofwat. It is now a few days away.

Vist the website

On the home page click on "business"

On the business page click on "Choosing your supplier"

On the next page scroll right down to the bottom  where there are 3 lines of information and another button to "find out more"  click on that link

Still with us? ...and the industry wonders why up to two thirds of businesses are totally unaware of the changes....

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