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    Energy Management

    Renewable Energy

    Whilst political, technical and economic issues will continue to cause volatility in the energy markets the general consensus is that the availability or at the least the rising cost of extraction of a dwindling resource, will inevitably mean that energy costs will rise in the long term.

    Managing consumption and refining procurement are two ways of maintaining cost levels or at least reducing the upward curve.

    Another is to consider alternative sources of energy to reduce reliance on the grid by local electricity generation or to provide alternative methods of heating, particularly where no mains gas is available.

    A number of suppliers will be pleased to promote the advantages of their own systems and offer free surveys, but the obligation to follow recommendations based perhaps on optimistic forecasts may be uncomfortable.

    An independent consultant that charges for a realistic appraisal of the various options available will provide confidence to arrive at a dispassionate choice with no pressure to adopt a particular system.

    Renewable Energy


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