There are a number of variables which will affect the payback period that can be expected such as location, orientation, size of installation and current consumption. A desktop survey can establish the suitability of a site and provide a broad estimate of the size of scheme that might be possible as well as the finance options available. To develop a full quotation a site visit is of course necessary.

If you would like to explore the possibility of installing solar generation then contact your account manager or Peter Murray who will be able to advise on the options available.


Energy Management

Solar Power, a brief history

Photovoltaic cells became commercially available in the early 1950s although the technology was known since the turn of the last century. As is often the case, the space race led to rapid development which finally reached consumers in the form of solar powered calculators and watches in the late 1970s.

With improvements in design and performance and the incentives now offered by governments to install renewable generation, the solar panel as we more commonly name it, has come of age to the extent that prototype solar powered aircraft can cross continents.

Remember that solar panels work even on a cloudy day which in the UK is good to know!

The benefits of Solar: 

  • Reduced reliance on conventional electricity supply meaning reduced bills
  • Government Feed in Tariff scheme whereby a payment is made for all the electricity generated even if it is used on site and a further payment for any surplus electricity that can be supplied back to the grid
  • By reducing reliance on the grid consumers will be lowering their carbon footprint and in turn that of the U.K. As well as underlining their own green credentials they will play a part in meeting the U.Ks. International commitments on carbon emissions.


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